Websites creation

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We create simple websites — One Page Websites (order One Page Website) for small business and representative functions (order Online Business Card/Business Card Website/Corporate Website) and Landing Pages (order Landing Page) for goods and services sales optimization.

We develop more complex websites as corporate webpages, multipage websites (You need multipage in case of big amount of content, goods and services), and also blogs. In this category there are also different online catalogues of products with opportunity to order, online calculators for varied computation (credit establishments, loan calculators) and also complex forms for order generation with different parameters.

First stage is always communication with customer. We find out your needs and targets in creating web resource. Then we analyze and provide variants of available solutions. When it is agreed with the customer, we start to develop. We do not rush, we optimize working processes to save and rationally use your and our time.

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E-commerce creation

koduleht, veebileht, website, вебсайт

We provide platform for e-commerce, develop and create online shops. We connect provided modules and create new ones to upgrade users’ experience and functionality of your online shop. Bank links, payment service providers, delivery modules, product filters and this is not the end of the list. Please contact us! First of all we need to start communicating to know what you need and which best solutions we can provide for you.

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koduleht, veebileht, website, вебсайт

If your project needs redesign or significant changes — we are ready to help you!
Lately this service has become very high in demand. Many companies already have websites but it was launched long ago and fails to meet today’s requirements. Our team will analyze your website and provide plan of redesign. At this stage company makeover can be done to meet new standards. Also at this stage we can resolve problems with page mobility. Quantity of mobile gadget traffic surpassed long ago 50% of general traffic. There is no need to loose your customers just because your website is not adopted for all devices.

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Support and maintenance

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In addition to services mentioned above we provide technical support of any existing web resources, upgrade web pages and server applications or whole servers of business.
We support our customers after project handover. You can always count on our help in future development and support of your web page or online shop. In support the following services are included: placement of press-releases and posts in company’s blog, formatting/design and mailout of newsletters and customers letters, creation of additional landing pages for advertising campaigns.

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Problem solving

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We update and secure your web resource in case of hackers attacks or incompetent partners’ or employees’ activities, help to prevent and solve website safety problems.



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We also provide a service of product and advertisement photography. Qualitative photography is needed to fill your web pages with unique content. If you need:

Photo materials of your products, corporate photography (for a web page, print production, personnel), real estate photography or working process capturing.

Please feel free to reach Tag Perfect!

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Corporate identity

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We provide service package for the first-time entrepreneur. We create corporate identity, develop a logo for your company, business cards, business stationery, web page and all advertisement materials which you may need. There is no need to bother head with the question where to order — get complete service from TAG PERFECT. Our specialist will create the corporate identity for you from scratch!



koduleht, veebileht, website, вебсайт

In case you need to fill your web page or online shop with any content, our copywriters will create unique and effective content for you which will correspond to the last demands of SEO copywriting.

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